Our brand story and how we became the one source of truth for marketers

June 3rd, 2019 | Comperemedia News

It’s been a wild ride.

Think back to 1995, Americans received the bulk of their direct marketing in print through their (physical) mailbox; Hotmail was a year away from commercial viability; and Google was a graduate school project called BackRub. Not to mention, Americans sent an average of only five text messages a year.

That same year, American Mailbox Monitor (AMBM) was established as a service that sourced consumer mailings in order to help its clients better understand what, when and how financial services brands were speaking to consumers. In 1999, Mintel acquired AMBM, rebranded it as Comperemedia and expanded its search capabilities, sector coverage, panel methodology, and analyst expertise.

Change, however, was just around the corner – and has maintained relentless propulsion forward ever since. In the two decades since then, the internet blew up the marketing industry (well, every industry); then mobile came along and with it the possibility for micro-targeting; then social media – once the elusive and perplexing realm of Millennials, it now moves with fluidity among every generation and between businesses and consumers.

For marketers, this channel proliferation has provided more routes to consumers than ever before. But the media fragmentation that has accompanied it has made knowing what works and the underlying causes of success or failure more difficult than ever. To be successful today, marketers can’t rely on their strengths in only one area; they need to be able to leverage competitive data and channel mix, understand consumer behavior and utilize creative storytelling.

It became clear to us that the industry was lacking this one source of truth. Our clients, and even our own analysts, were craving the ability to find answers in the mountains of channel data in a fast, meaningful way. But the disparate data sources weren’t classified in the same way to make it comparable.

Fed up, we resolved to be the company to do it, because the industry standard wasn’t good enough. Embracing the inevitable change that lies ahead – and eager to deliver the marketing intelligence and competitive insights our clients rely on to make better, faster decisions for their business – we’re embarking on a new adventure.

In June 2019, Comperemedia moves out as its own master brand with its existing service renamed Comperemedia Direct and a brand new solution to address omnichannel media strategy head-on, Comperemedia Omni.

Comperemedia is still very much a part of the Mintel family, but with our focus on new solutions to transform the marketing intelligence landscape, and Mintel concentrating on what consumers really want and why, the time is right to make a change.

We’re future-proofing marketing intelligence.

After an intensive period of investment in more data sets, building an entirely new software infrastructure from the ground up using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, and challenging ourselves to answer the toughest questions plaguing marketers, we’re in a position to ensure that Comperemedia can keep pace and provide our clients with clear, concise and comparable data, no matter what new marketing channels emerge.

With Omni, we’re redefining what’s possible by finally providing omnichannel marketers with the one source of truth for spend, frequency, volume, delivered to clients with recommendations of what it means to them. It is integrated intelligence for integrated marketing.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey as we continue to evolve and dive head first into whatever industry-shaking advancements in technology or earth-shattering shifts in consumer behavior are around the corner.