Chase welcomes Flex to the Freedom Family

October 19th, 2020 | Laura Ziemer

Product benefits  

Freedom Flex’s benefits largely mirror Freedom Unlimited, with the exception of lucrative 5% flex bonus categories each quarter.  

Freedom Family media mix 

Chase focused its media mix for Freedom mid-funnel and let Unlimited do the heavy top-of-funnel lifting. 

A socially-distanced Kevin Hart lauded Freedom Unlimited’s new benefits to his neighbors in the brand’s new spot.  

Freedom Flex targeted podcasts popular with Millennial men. Supplementing sports & entertainment coverage with spots on news pods ensures Flex can capture a broad, engaged user base close to the 2020 Presidential Election. 

The Bill Simmons Podcast, which commanded $15M in ad revenue in 2018, is now sponsored by FreedomFlex.
Freedom Flex advertises on two of Adam Carolla’s pods – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show (a reunion of the MTV Loveline pairing) and the Adam Carolla Show.

The announcement emails’ subject lines could do with a trim. Subject lines that are 41 characters or less perform best and account for mobile-first consumption. Chase’s subject lines clock in at 109 and 139.

Freedom Unlimited Subject Line: You’re pre-qualified for the Chase Freedom Unlimited® card. New ways to earn unlimited cash back plus a $200 bonus and 5% grocery store offer

Freedom Flex & Unlimited Subject Line: Two cards, two rewarding ways to earn cash back plus a $200 bonus and 5% cash back grocery store offer. 

Source: Comperemedia Omni

What’s next for Freedom Flex? 

Freedom Flex will play heavy in digital channels in Q4 2020, but direct mail is on the horizon. Chase built a solid foundation with its Freedom brand, fueled by top-of-funnel awareness with spokesperson Kevin Hart. The coupled media across mid-funnel channels puts applicants in the position to first embrace the brand, and then decide which product best serves their spending and rewards needs. 

While Freedom Flex initially launched in digital channels with no presence in mass media or bottom-of-funnel direct mail, we expect to see this funnel strategy adjust as we head further into Q4 2020.

Laura Ziemer

Laura Ziemer

Laura Ziemer is Mintel's Associate Vice President of Marketing Intelligence. Laura uses Mintel's marketing intelligence data to explore custom questions for clients, and provide concrete recommendations that steer them toward highly incremental growth.