Comperemedia Announces 2022 Financial Services Marketing Trends

March 1st, 2022 | Comperemedia News

Comperemedia has today (March 1, 2022) announced three financial services marketing trends that are set to impact companies, brands, and marketers in 2022 and beyond.

“The 2022 Financial Services Marketing Trends are an extension of Comperemedia’s 2022 Omnichannel Marketing Trends, tailored specifically for the financial services industry and its respective marketing strategies. The trends are rooted in competitive marketing intelligence, consumer behavior, and industry expertise, and offer a comprehensive look at the momentum and forecast of the financial services industry over the next year. Aspects of the trend predictions are driven by four key themes that shaped the landscape in 2021; inflation, life’s uncertainties, digital exhaustion and new platforms and choices,” said Mishu Rahman Din, Director of Financial Services Advisory, Comperemedia.

Ecosystems Expanding

With ongoing pandemic concerns like inflation, supply shortages, and limited out-of-home experiences, consumers will demand control via stability, simplicity, and fresh entertainment experiences. Brands will meet this demand through evolving their internal ecosystems to become more full service, with new value propositions.

During the pandemic, portfolio-leading products across competitive sets started to mimic each other with value propositions and offers catering to evolved lifestyles/preferences of customers. There has been a necessary push towards financial inclusion and transparency. Financial brands will look to strengthen offers for the untapped/underbanked and the ultra-premium space and even expand presence in previously unexplored marketing channels.,” stated Mishu Rahman Din. “Financial services are crossing over lines of businesses and previously untapped markets. Non-financial services brands are venturing into the space with embedded finance and super-app-like features.”

Brands as a Life Coach

As many consumers experience significant life changes and upheavals, they are looking to brands for support and education. Due to these changes, brands will see themselves as a resource now more than ever before and will position themselves as a consultant to help consumers as they make these important life decisions.

“As a perfect add-on, bringing in untapped markets into the brand’s ecosystems creates relationship-building opportunities via knowledge sharing. In addition to this, consumers in a COVID-anxious world are experiencing life stages differently than previous generations. As consumers try to solve financial issues, brands will integrate educational, and research-friendly marketing content as a more mainstream strategy,” continued Din.

Beyond the Screen as We Know It

We will see brands invest in campaigns and products that go beyond the screen and create engagement with their products on new platforms. Real-life engagements will be seen as more novel and coveted, thus brands will create experiences that take consumers offline, while also testing new digital platforms, like the metaverse.

“Mintel Trends research states that brands will help customers maintain a healthy relationship with their digital platforms but will also encourage taking a break from them. For financial services, offline experiences that work seamlessly with the digital evolution will become a staple, and campaigns will strive to be more than just a viral phenomenon on new platforms. Rather, communication material will push to achieve ‘sought after’ status in terms of the value created through fan engagement,” concluded Din.

Comperemedia’s 2022 Financial Services Marketing Trends thought piece is available for free download here. Clients can access the full content by logging in. Interviews with Mishu Rahman Din, Director, Financial Services Advisory, are available on request from the Comperemedia press office.