USAA creates strong ties with its NFL sponsorship

November 24th, 2020 | Nicole Bond

As an official insurance sponsor of the NFL, USAA is playing up its ties to America’s favorite game with cross-channel activations and multi-channel efforts.  

USAA promoted its agents’ abilities to find savings to keep fans’ game day budgets and traditions alive as part of its NFL-themed campaign. 

Whether it be watching at home or budgeting for traditions, USAA acknowledged the challenges fans are facing that may hinder their typical game day experiences. These messages positioned USAA as an insurer that understands customers’ challenges, no matter how big or small, and is able to provide some relief with its services.

Source: Comperemedia Omni

In its national TV spot, USAA intertwined the 2020 challenges of fandom and budgeting to promote auto insurance as an easy way to save money. USAA has spent nearly $23M on its NFL-themed spot, airing predominantly during the NFL and College Football programs – capturing the attention of a primetime audience. 

USAA brought its sponsorship to life with a sweepstakes featuring opportunities to win “a chat with an NFL star, a deluxe fan cave & more.”  

Source: Comperemedia Omni

What we think 

COVID-19’s impact on sports and fans across the country creates an opportunity for insurers to breathe life into their longstanding sponsorships.  

Insurers have long utilized the love of sports and the massive audiences that they draw as a way to generate top of funnel, brand awareness. Sports fans are passionate, loyal, and attentive, which makes them a prime target on game day for advertisers. As COVID-19 has continued to impact sports, fans, and game day experiences, insurers should capitalize on this reality to do more than build awareness – they should aim to build relationships, trust, and even loyalty. 

Fans won’t forget who made this challenging year a bit more bearable, and those extra efforts won’t go unnoticed in the long run. Insurers should bring their sponsorship and awareness marketing to life by creating real opportunities for fans to get one step closer to their beloved teams and sports.

Nicole Bond

Nicole Bond

Nicole Bond is an Associate Director - Marketing Strategy, interpreting cross-channel marketing and consumer trends with a focus on telecom and financial services. She identifies consumer drivers and helps clients develop omnichannel marketing strategies.