Embrace Informed Delivery: Use the outer envelope

August 28th, 2019 | Eric Fahey

What is it?

Informed Delivery allows consumers to view scanned images of select direct mail formats scheduled for arrival through the USPS online portal, or elect to receive Daily Digest emails. 

Subscribers can browse their physical mailbox via email, providing brands with an additional touchpoint to provide their direct mail offer. 

From July 15-November 30, 2019, the USPS is offering businesses a 2% postage discount for direct mail and interactive campaigns that promote Informed Delivery to further boost awareness and participation in the program. 

Who is using it?

As of January 2019, the USPS reported nearly 15 million users registered for the service, a 55% increase from the previous year. Among registered users, 10.1 million were email-enabled.

According to the USPS’ Informed Delivery User Survey from April 2018, 89% of users were satisfied or very satisfied with the service, and 93% would recommend it to friends, family, or colleagues.

Does it work?

While Informed Delivery subscribers likely make up a fraction of their prospect lists, brands across industries and product lines are seizing the opportunity to present their offer with an additional touchpoint.

Whether viewing the campaign as it comes through their mailbox on the Informed Delivery portal, or in the Daily Digest email, the outer envelope can present recipients with the core components of an offer and entice further action. It will determine whether the recipient will open the piece, or with Informed Delivery subscribers, whether it even reaches their residence.

Why should marketers care?

Marketers should think of the outer envelope of a direct mail campaign as akin to the subject line of an email. A channel-specific formality on its face; when used strategically, it can serve as an effective means of driving consumer interest.

Eric Fahey

Eric Fahey

Eric Fahey is the Director of Content and Analytics, Comperemedia. Eric specializes in telecommunications, financial services, and email marketing. In addition to researching and writing about industry trends, marketing strategy, and newsworthy developments, Eric oversees the planning and execution of custom and syndicated competitive intelligence reports for the Comperemedia research team.