Heatmap: Discover increases display spend with Amazon partnership

August 2nd, 2019 | Laura Ziemer

Comin’ in hot with your weekly dose of Comperemedia Omni! This week’s Omni heatmap is a visual representation of volume across channels for the Discover Account Features and Service Advertising.

As seen in this week’s heatmap, Discover has greatly increased display ad spend- mainly driven by Discover It. The issuer began running offers with Amazon in March and increased spend over the past few months. A continued increase in display spend for this particular offer indicates it has been a successful activation and use driver for Discover. 


Laura Ziemer

Laura Ziemer

Laura Ziemer is Mintel's Associate Vice President of Marketing Intelligence. Laura uses Mintel's marketing intelligence data to explore custom questions for clients, and provide concrete recommendations that steer them toward highly incremental growth.