Heatmap: Top 10 financial services Paid Facebook advertisers in Q3 2019

October 4th, 2019 | Laura Ziemer

Comin’ in hot with your weekly dose of Comperemedia Omni! This week’s Omni heatmap is a visual representation of Paid Facebook spend for the top 10 financial services advertisers in Q3 2019. 

The summer was hot for Paid Facebook spend. In Q3 2019 alone, we saw $200M in Paid Facebook spend with $80M of this coming from the 10 companies listed below.

Top spender SoFi has focused its $25.5M in spend against SoFi Money and SoFi Invest.

Laura Ziemer

Laura Ziemer

Laura Ziemer is Mintel's Associate Vice President of Marketing Intelligence. Laura uses Mintel's marketing intelligence data to explore custom questions for clients, and provide concrete recommendations that steer them toward highly incremental growth.