Comperemedia announces 2022 Insurance Marketing Trends

February 16th, 2022 | Comperemedia News

Comperemedia has today (February 16, 2022) announced three insurance marketing trends that are set to impact companies, brands, and marketers in 2022 and beyond.

“The 2022 Insurance Marketing Trends are an extension of Comperemedia’s 2022 Omnichannel Marketing Trends, tailored specifically for the insurance industry and its respective marketing strategies. The trends are rooted in competitive marketing intelligence, consumer behavior, and industry expertise, and offer a comprehensive look at the momentum and forecast of the insurance industry over the next year. Aspects of the trend predictions are driven by four key themes that shaped the landscape in 2021; inflation, life’s uncertainties, digital exhaustion and new platforms and choices,” said Nicole Bond, Senior Research Analyst, Comperemedia.

Ecosystems Expanding

In the face of ongoing pandemic concerns like inflation, exponential increases in product offerings and choices, and limited out-of-home experiences, consumers will demand control via stability, simplified choices, and fresh entertainment experiences.

“In 2022, insurers will continue to embark on partnerships, acquire companies, and develop their suite of product offerings to enhance their overall value to new and existing customers. But, in both marketing and customer communication efforts, insurers will move beyond simply touting new products, bundled opportunities, and bonus features (i.e. incentivized health programs). Insurers will instead tell a story of added convenience and value that closes existing coverage gaps, tackles misconception-based purchase barriers, and rewards consumer loyalty,” stated Bond. “Overall messaging trends and loyalty storylines will shift from strict offer-centric messaging to communications that invoke more of an emotional connection and consumer experience.”

Brands as a Life Coach

Brands will see themselves as a resource now more than ever before and will position themselves as a consultant to help consumers as they make these important life decisions. This will manifest itself as educational marketing, transparency with products and costs, and life stage-specific products and marketing.

“Insurers will navigate the digital dichotomy of promoting and developing digital tools and resources, while also keeping intact the human connection offered through agents. Striking the right balance between the two will be crucial as insurers aim to demystify the complexities of their product suites. Insurers will more adequately meet consumers’ demands for flexibility and transparency by delivering tailored educational content and meaningful customer interactions through digital resources and agent touchpoints,” continued Bond.

Beyond the Screen as We Know It

Brands will invest in campaigns and products that bring their product and engagements to new atmospheres. Real-life engagements will be seen as more novel and coveted, thus brands will create experiences and advertising campaigns that take consumers offline, while also testing new digital platforms, like the metaverse.

“Insurers will step out from behind the transactional nature of their products and services to develop a meaningful brand identity outside of digital mediums by integrating their efforts into the fabric of consumers’ daily lives, with the goal of creating interactions driven by consumers through entertainment and as an extension of themselves. 

On one hand, look for insurers to bring their top-of-funnel marketing efforts featuring prominent brand mascots to life with seamlessly out-of-the-box activations that allow consumers to further attach themselves to the narratives. On the other, look for insurers to more actively promote their commitments to various social causes across paid platforms and elevate their investments across internal practices, diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, and environmental, social, and governance commitments,” concluded Bond.

Comperemedia’s 2022 Insurance Marketing Trends thought piece is available for free download here. Clients can access the full content by logging in. Interviews with Nicole Bond, Senior Research Analyst, Comperemedia, are available on request from the Comperemedia press office.