[Listen]: Navigating Facebook advertising in 2019

July 23rd, 2019 | Comperemedia News

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Ahead of Facebook’s earnings call this Thursday (July 25), learn from our analysts how Facebook remains on track despite recent scandals and potential setbacks.

Episode 7: “Navigating Facebook advertising in 2019”

It may be losing its grip on young people, but Facebook remains, by far, the most influential social media platform on the planet. In 2018, US companies allocated around 22% of their advertising budgets on Facebook. Despite scandals, fines and controversies, the business is thriving. But how is the tech giant going to shape its future? In this episode, we discuss how the recent debate around discriminatory ads has shed new light on privacy issues, with the positive result of the advertising industry pushing for better regulation. So, how can advertisers strike a balance between privacy and personalization?

Host: Andrew Davidson (SVP/Chief Insights Officer)

Guests: Laura Ziemer (Director of Insights, Digital Media), Jeannette Ornelas (Senior Digital Marketing Analyst) and Rebecca McGrath (Senior Media Analyst)