Brands seek purposeful 2022 greetings in advertising campaigns

January 19th, 2022 | Mishu Rahman Din

Financial brands used the turn of the new year to connect with customers looking to obtain better money habits through their advertising campaigns. Find out which brands did this successfully and what they need to know for next year.

Effective new year campaigns

Resolution dropping posts
While many brands resorted to the easy way to connect and asked followers to share their new year resolutions in comments, engagement is not guaranteed in such cases. A little more effort into creatives that play into year-end trends, practices, and recaps can go a long way with the audience.

School is open over holidays
There is no better time to dish out some expert knowledge on how to be on a better path financially in the new year. Whether it’s repackaging product portfolios as solutions to simplify financial decisions, or providing coaching and counseling on brand platforms, customers are in a primed mindset at the beginning of the year.

Make it personal
New Year wishes can and should come as a celebration of existing relationships. Today’s app-savvy consumers enjoy a look back at how they engaged with a brand, as seen in Spotify Wrapped or Apple Music’s Replay. Financial brands can find inspiration in such trends to garner retention and deepen relationships.

Trends that succeeded this year

Varo tapped into annual horoscope trends for its social media campaign and used the opportunity to combine spending and saving habits with the customer’s respective zodiac signs and then asked followers to comment. People responded by sharing some 2022 personal goals which is a great way to organically tap into consumer aspirations in the coming months.

Source: Comperemedia Omni (12/01/21 to 01/06/22) as of 01/07/22

Across social posts, Financial Services brands reminded customers about financial and mental wellness.

Chime channeled positivity for the new year. Prudential promoted getting in physical and financial shape in 2022: “But between burpee sessions, check out these 7 easy-to-implement financial resolutions that can help you make a plan — and shape up your financial life in 2022, too. #NewYearsResolutions“. Edelman Financials promoted and kickstarted a new podcast series with a limited-time free financial planning offer.

Source: Comperemedia Omni (12/01/21 to 01/06/22) as of 01/07/22

Brands suggested small steps leading to better financial habits, maintaining a supportive and expert voice in their campaigns.

Credit Karma suggested attainable savings goals. “If you save $22 a week for all of 2022, you’d have an extra $1144 by this time next year. And George Washington would be so proud.” Ellevest shared a “be like Mara” goal. It also offered workshops and access to coaches to get to that goal. Wells Fargo promoted free resources. “From paying yourself first to consolidating debt, click link in bio to get your New Year off to a positive start.”

Source: Comperemedia Omni (12/01/21 to 01/06/22) as of 01/07/22

Synchrony celebrated the customer’s relationship in the past year with a cheerful recap. Drawing inspiration from outside the industry, Synchrony captured rewards earned and top-spend categories in a yearly wrap-up email. It was also used to remind the cardholder about digital and in-app tools and benefits as well as card’s value props.

What we think

This is a good time of the year to resonate with customers as they aspire towards new and better beginnings. Suggested financial products and tools do not have to come across as a hard-sell but can be solutions for financial wellbeing. As many financial brands are looking to become one-stop solutions or are widening portfolios, special holiday messaging can be tapped into at any level of the marketing funnel.

Mishu Rahman Din

Mishu Rahman Din

Mishu Rahman Din is a Research Manager delivering custom reports for financial services. Using Comperemedia's omnichannel marketing tools to fuel her passion for consumer behavior, fintech, and marketing innovation, she delivers competitive insights and recommendations that help clients achieve business goals.