Comperemedia announces 2022 Omnichannel Marketing Trends

February 11th, 2022 | Comperemedia News

Comperemedia has today (February 11, 2022) announced three omnichannel marketing trends that are set to impact companies, brands, and marketers in 2022 and beyond

“The 2022 Omnichannel Marketing Trends are rooted in competitive marketing intelligence, consumer behavior, and industry expertise, and offer a comprehensive look at the momentum and forecast of the industry in the coming year. Aspects of the trend predictions are driven by four themes that shaped the landscape in 2021—themes that every marketer should be considering as they plan marketing strategies this year—inflation, life’s uncertainties, digital exhaustion, and new platforms and choices,” said Lierin Ehmke, Omnichannel Research Manager, Comperemedia.

Ecosystems Expanding

As more consumers demand stability, simplified choices, and fresh entertainment experiences, brands will meet this demand by evolving their internal ecosystems to become more full service and to create new value propositions for consumers.

“We foresee partnerships flourishing as brands utilize the strength of multiple stakeholders to better serve customers and gain market share. Brands will expand product offerings to emphasize a ‘one-stop-shop’ experience to create a simplified and easier customer experience,” said Ehmke. “Brands will focus their awareness specifically on social media to keep engagement relevant and evolve product lines into a source of entertainment.”

Brands as a Life Coach

As consumers experience big life changes, brands will see themselves as a resource now more than ever before and will position themselves as a consultant to help consumers as they make these important life decisions.

“Education will no longer be exclusive to content marketing and will become more prevalent throughout the marketing funnel. We predict brands will be more upfront with costs associated with their products to establish simplicity and trust and act as price experts. Brands will work to develop and promote products that fit into consumers’ specific life stages and milestones,” continued Ehmke.

Beyond the Screen as We Know It

As the pandemic ushered in digital fatigue, and Facebook’s investments in the metaverse motivated brands to engage with the new platform, brands will invest in campaigns and products that go beyond the screen and bring their products and engagements to new atmospheres.

“As digital experiences become the norm, in-person engagements will be seen as more novel and coveted; thus, brands will create high-value experiences, products, and advertising campaigns that take consumers offline physically and mentally. Finally, with the metaverse continuing to generate buzz, brands will figure out what their engagement in the metaverse looks like and which metaverse universes make sense to invest in, and other next-gen digital platforms, like podcasts, will continue to evolve in new ways,” concluded Ehmke.

Comperemedia’s 2022 Omnichannel Marketing Trends thought piece is available for free download here. Clients can access the full content by logging in. Interviews with Lierin Ehmke, Omnichannel Research Manager, are available on request from the Comperemedia press office.