PRESS RELEASE: Comperemedia releases 2020 Omnichannel Marketing Trends

October 30th, 2019 | Comperemedia News

Comperemedia has today (October 30, 2019) announced three omnichannel trends set to impact the marketing landscape in 2020 and beyond, backed by comprehensive market and consumer data, in-depth analysis and brand examples. 

“In the year ahead, expect to see big changes in the omnichannel marketing landscape, with themes around consumption habits, personal connection and physical storefronts making the biggest impact on brand relevancy and competitive strategy. We’ve identified three spotlight trends for 2020 that address how marketers will need to navigate modern-day streaming service habits, build authentic connections with consumers through ads, and rethink how brick and mortar supports the marketing funnel,” said Laura Ziemer, Director of Insights, Digital Media at Comperemedia. 

Paddling Upstream

Consumers’ unique streaming consumption habits demand marketers have a discrete streaming strategy.

Comperemedia predicts: 

  • Marketers will have a robust streaming strategy the same way they have a social or direct mail strategy. The streaming strategy will seamlessly weave into the brand’s omnichannel strategy. 
  • As consumers increasingly turn to streaming platforms for their video consumption, it’s not enough for brands to simply use a TV recut for pre-roll ads. Marketers will plan for streaming campaigns that account for unique behaviors like bingeing and pausing content, and heavy earned social media engagement around major content premieres. 
  • Marketers across sectors will begin to more effectively leverage programmatic capabilities to target video against specific consumer groups.

Brands- They’re Just like Us 

Creative strategies will facilitate a more authentic experience that leans into entertainment and connection over disruption.

Comperemedia predicts:

  • Brands that cannot find authentic ways to connect with consumers by humanizing each touchpoint will be left behind.
  • Brands across sectors will lean into dynamic brand voice, ephemeral marketing and 1:1 dialogue to serve maximum authenticity to consumers.
  • More so than a particular channel, marketers will have to find ways to let consumers be in the driver’s seat of their ad experience, with the brand as the facilitator.

Once Upon a Storefront

Brands will reconceptualize how brick and mortar can support top-of-funnel awareness, product consideration and evolution of their digital-first footprint.

Comperemedia predicts:

  • Brick and mortar isn’t dead; it’s now a top-of-funnel channel designed to support consumer research and capture intent to buy. Brands will use pop-ups and storefronts as a strategic marketing arm; one that fuels attention and builds awareness.
  • The power of online data will enable more eCommerce storefronts as internet goliaths learn how to effectively map their footprint opportunities and place brick-and-mortar locations purposefully.
  • The temporary nature of pop-ups and “labs” will further in-person foot traffic and interaction as consumers seek out these temporary experiences.
  • Brands will further incorporate digital platforms, making stores the new top of the funnel for digital campaigns.

Comperemedia’s 2020 Omnichannel Marketing Trends thought piece is available for free download here.



Interviews with Laura Ziemer, Director of Insights, Digital Media, are available on request from the press office.