Four Wireless Predictions for Q2 2023

February 1st, 2023 | John Poelking

Read our four predictions on how seasonality and marketplace happenings will impact wireless marketing in Q2, and what brands can do to prepare.

1. A Treacherous Climb

Increased prices and new fees will need to be positioned as network improvements or necessary changes to avoid significant backlash.

What will happen: Carriers have already begun to implement price increases in Q1 2023, either in plans or as extra service fees. Q2 will be a time for brands to get out ahead of these changes and communicate why they needed to be made. Inflation is hitting North American audiences across sectors, and carriers will take a more personal approach to relate to consumers and mitigate churn.

Brand recommendation: Brands should clearly and consistently communicate with customers about price changes to maintain trust, play up price locks to address concerns, and position improvements alongside hikes to showcase investments beyond uncertainty.

2. Respect over Reach

5G messaging will play up how brands are enabling higher quality 5G, rather than the extent of the network, to best position themselves against competitors.

What will happen: Mintel consumer research on Smartphones and Wearable Technology showed that 80% of US adults with a smartphone have a 5G plan or are interested in one. However, only 36% with a 5G plan actually have a reliable 5G connection everywhere they go. As Comperemedia’s 2023 5G Trends show, “5G is the New Black ” and brands will look to more substantial claims to further differentiate their offerings. Messages about the extent of a 5G network will fade more into the background, as accolades on speed and reliability will carry more weight among consumers who have already been introduced to the concept of 5G.

Brand recommendation: Brands should try to keep messages focused on the network’s technology, reintroduce 5G use cases to spotlight how better connections can improve upon the LTE experience, and dig into communities with regionally specific messages in direct mail and paid social.

3. Secure the Line

Another data breach will put the spotlight back on network providers to make sure that they are taking necessary precautions to secure customers’ information.

What will happen: In an SEC filing, T Mobile indicated that customer information had been acquired by a hacker, marking the eighth time the carrier has been hacked since 2018. Q2 will be a time when carriers can showcase what measures they are taking to keep consumer information secure. It will also give competitors new ammo to go after T Mobile’s reliability. Brands that have not been the subject of major hacks could be bolder in how they position themselves against competitors, showcasing these statistics while applauding their own security investments.

Brand recommendation: Brands should put security messaging front and center in select email communications to assure new and potential customers that their information is safe. They should be transparent about customer vulnerability to build up trust and quantify the steps being taken to ensure long-term safety.

4. Stream on

A push for streaming perks will help elevate carrier offers, especially as the impending HBO Max/discovery+ combination looks to add customer value

What will happen: Streaming services are becoming an increasingly valuable proposition for carriers, with the launch of products such as Verizon’s +play aggregator platform. New services and rebranded favorites will be front and center in loyalty communications that aim to deliver new value to valuable customers.

Brand recommendation: Brands should incorporate the need to stream into acquisition offers using familiar iconography to deliver hype and position trials for new services as ways to provide unexpected perks to loyal customers.

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John Poelking

John Poelking

John Poelking is Comperemedia's Associate Director - Tech, Media, and Telecom, providing omnichannel marketing analysis and competitive intelligence for syndicated and custom insights.