Thought leader spotlight: Tara Clemens

August 12th, 2019 | Tara Clemens

Behind the data are our world-class thought leaders. Over the next few months, we will be introducing you to the people responsible for Comperemedia’s industry expertise. 


Tara Clemens, Senior Industry Analyst, Insurance

Tara Clemens is a Senior Research Analyst at Comperemedia. Tara specializes in insurance, publishing data-driven syndicated and custom reporting based in Comperemedia’s consumer data, trends and competitive intelligence.

Q: What topics do you specialize in? 

A: I specialize in marketing, customer experience, and product trends across the insurance industry. To better understand the context of these trends, I also keep a constant pulse on key regulatory and industry changes. 

Q: How did you get to where you are now? 

A: My career began on the agency side where I was a strategic media planner for several major pharmaceutical brands. After a year-long stint at a health food startup where I was involved in event marketing and operations roles, I found Comperemedia. Here, my passion for data analysis collided with my intrigue for the quickly evolving and multidimensional insurance industry. With Comperemedia, I’ve been provided the opportunity to understand the industry from a marketing intelligence point of view, which means I have a wealth of proprietary consumer sentiment, marketing and trends data to inform all of my industry insights.

Q: If you could have lunch with anyone in your industry, who would it be and why? 

A: Tricia Griffith, the CEO of Progressive Insurance and the first woman to be named Fortune’s Businessperson of the Year. She’s been with Progressive for over 30 years, and with Progressive’s growth and innovations in the tech and data arenas, it’s safe to say there is a wealth of expertise our industry could learn from her. Since we graduated from neighboring universities, I think a dinner at Avanti’s in our college town of Bloomington-Normal, IL would provide the perfect nostalgia to break the ice.

Q: Tell us about a brand campaign or shift in strategy that has recently caught your eye?

A: Aetna’s “You don’t join us. We join you.” rebrand first showed up on the Comperemedia database via Facebook and display ads in August 2018, before I quickly noted the rebrand’s alignment across all of Aetna’s media channels and website shortly following. This rebrand stood out because of its positive consumer-focused messaging. From a servicing standpoint, we are observing a broader industry shift toward value-based care models, which is a strategy that also puts the customer first. With the bold rebrand, Aetna positioned itself as a trusted partner to consumers’ overall health and well-being, a successful move towards customer-centric messaging in our eyes. 

Q: What is your favorite part about your job?

A: My favorite part about my position is the ability to observe the insurance industry through the unique lens of Mintel’s consumer data and marketing intelligence, then getting to combine those insights with the hands on learnings from conversations with our insurance clients. We are working with some of the most tenured and innovative people in the insurance industry, and we don’t take our interactions with clients for granted. I especially treat each visit, phone call, and email conversation as an opportunity to learn more about the industry and each company’s distinctive challenges and goals.

Q: Last but not least- tell a fun fact about yourself. 

A: My mother is one of 14 children, meaning I have more cousins on one side of my family than the populations of the small towns near where I grew up.

Tara Clemens

Tara Clemens

Tara Clemens is a Senior Research Analyst at Comperemedia. Tara specializes in insurance, publishing data-driven syndicated and custom reporting based in Comperemedia's consumer data, trends and competitive intelligence.