[Watch]: Why marketers should embrace Galentine’s Day

February 13th, 2020 | Maegan Haugh


Galentine’s Day was first introduced in the popular show Parks and Recreation, as a holiday celebrated on February 13th to honor female friendships. It has become an increasingly popular holiday over the last few years, and brands have taken notice. Comperemedia Associate Research Analyst Maegan Haugh shares how financial services and retail brands can best market the holiday. 

This year, we’ll be tracking campaigns across marketing channels from retail and financial services brands to see if messaging has shifted over the years. Last year, we saw notable campaigns from Ellevest, a female-first investment company, offering a referral bonus to encourage more female investing. This year, it’s likely consumers will want to see more female empowerment throughout the year, and less focus on promotions as a way to drive sales. 

Check back in a few weeks to see what we’ve uncovered.

Maegan Haugh

Maegan Haugh

Maegan Haugh is an Associate Research Analyst at Comperemedia, specializing in Omni reporting across Comperemedia’s various sectors. Also delivering cross-sector insights through custom and syndicated reporting.