Backed by comprehensive consumer and market data and grounded with in-depth analysis and brand examples, discover how four emerging trends are set to impact the financial services landscape in 2020.

Download Comperemedia’s 2020 Financial Services Trends now to find out:

  • How invisible payments, the customer-FSI relationship, and cross-industry partnerships will impact brand relevancy and competitive strategy
  • What the industry has to learn from trailblazers in other sectors
  • What competitive marketing campaign strategies will find success

Comperemedia can help you keep an eye on the competition in order to stay ahead of the game. It’s time to update what you expect from marketing intelligence.


The Invisible Payment

As more and more friction is stripped away from the average transaction, the future of money movement will take place behind the scenes.

Customer Service 2.0

Customer service will take center stage in 2020 but with a new twist, offering solutions to problems consumers and small businesses didn’t even know they had.

Preparing for the Unknown

With a strong emphasis on financial health, the industry is working harder to help consumers across all income levels prepare for an uncertain future.

Extensions & Connections

Cross-industry partnerships, acquisitions, and product extensions will enable financial brands to offer some very unbank-like improvements.

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