Economic uncertainty, changing demographics, outside disruptors, and burgeoning technology are all areas Financial Services brands will need to address with marketing efforts in 2023.  Learn how brands will need to demonstrate their value by providing standout service, empower consumers to meet their financial needs and goals, and proactively connect with younger generations. This year’s trends are:

What a Relief!

Given the continued high inflationary environment, some consumers are struggling to make ends meet while others are finally feeling the squeeze on their finances. This year will present a unique opportunity for brands to offer financial relief to their customers and meet their immediate, short-term needs.

Individual Empowerment

While the industry is providing immediate relief, there is the long-term to consider as well. This year brands can help customers be the best version of themselves financially, helping them save and manage their money well to meet their future goals.

Gen Strate-ZY

This year about half of the 69 million Gen Z will reach adulthood, while 72 million Gen Y (Millennials) continue towards key life stages with greater utilization of financial products. Brands who desire to bridge the gap will need to adapt their strategies to meet the needs of younger generations.

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