Heading into 2020, the credit card industry was looking at an exciting and transformational year ahead. Then came the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the world as we knew it was changed

In an increasingly competitive credit card market, having a clear message should be the number one priority for marketers as the lines start to blur across segments and products. This was true at the start of the year, and is even more important today.

Download this free report now to uncover predictions for the future of the credit card marketing landscape through the lens with which we all now view the world as we navigate a crisis that has abruptly changed our collective outlook.

Get answers to some of your most pressing questions, including:

– What’s the best way forward for new product and service launches and new promotional campaigns?
– Is now the time to invest in lifestyle marketing?
– How is competition driving disruption in financing options?
– How important is mobile integration?

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