Backed by comprehensive consumer and market data and grounded with in-depth analysis and brand examples, discover how three emerging insurance trends are set to impact the insurance landscape in 2021.

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  • Agents of Change
  • COVID-19 accelerated the need for a streamlined purchase process across all distribution channels. In 2021, the focus will be on accelerating agency digital transformation. Insurers will shift to independent brokerages, collaborate with startups, and equip agents with simplified tools.

Underwriting Overhaul
Customers have come to anticipate not only personalized experiences, but inclusive ones. Carriers are offering new interpretations of coverage that reflect evolving market conditions and consumer expectations. Brands will further align to freelance and at-home work, while also considering what it means for underwriting to be unbiased.

Industry Interchange
New entrants from technology and retail giants proved the lines between insurance and other industries are blurring. The lessons learned from disruptors are becoming more relevant to insurers, resulting in unique collaborations including those with automakers, mortgage lenders, and e-commerce retailers. In 2021, insurers will appear in new industries, including expansions into different insurance lines, and marketing will reflect the value in a holistic customer experience.

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