Comperemedia’s proprietary Offer Index is here!

Our experts have developed this model to distill the competitiveness of credit cards into one number – the Offer Score.

Using Comperemedia’s direct mail database, the methodology takes into account the competitiveness of individual offers in six key categories for Non-Rewards and No-Fee Cash Rewards cards:

  1. Annual Fee
  2. Rewards
  3. Acquisition Incentive
  4. Purchase APR
  5. Introductory Purchase APR
  6. Balance Transfer

By assessing direct mail offers that are in the marketplace each month, Offer Index creates a more nuanced view of competitors’ acquisition strategies than what can be found on public card sites. Rather than having to sift through countless product details among many campaigns for each credit card product, this Offer Index provides a streamlined view into each card’s strengths, weaknesses, and changes over time.

How does your credit card offer stack up to the competition?

Offer Index is a metric that boils down the competitiveness of a credit card offer into one number.

 What are your offer’s strengths and weaknesses?

Offer Index examines 6 key attributes to provide subscores that illuminate where each offer excels.

What competitive products are surging or declining?

Leaderboards allow for swift identification of movers in the market.

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