Backed by comprehensive consumer and market data and grounded with in-depth analysis and brand examples, discover how four emerging omnichannel trends are set to impact the marketing landscape in 2021.

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All In on Video

In 2021, we will continue to see increases due to streaming and at-home viewing growth and more brands tailoring brand identities to meet the needs of consumers.

Fandom as Cultural Currency

In the same way the Facebook “like” or “friending” was cited in national TV spots in the 2010s, trends and creators on these newer platforms and forms of engagement will become the keystone of creative strategy and mass marketing campaigns.

Go Small or Go Home

Brands will leverage newfound local pride and support for struggling local businesses to create campaigns and CSR endeavors that are based on a local approach.

Reasonable Responsibility

Brands are pushing their beliefs and values over products and services, parlaying those beliefs and values into sales—and, more importantly, loyalty and trust.

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