Varying economic circumstances, increased consumer pressures, and differing spending preferences are all areas marketers will need to navigate in 2023 to ensure their messaging and tactics are resonating with targeted consumer groups. How will this affect acquisition efforts and customer communications in the year ahead? Here are our three trend predictions for the year ahead:

  • A Tale of Two Consumers: The current inflationary economic dynamic has resulted in a dichotomy of the consumer that brands need to consider: one consumer that feels the stark impact of the rising costs of living; the other excited by the strong global dollar and experiential opportunities in a post-pandemic world.

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Our trends also encompass insights on organic social and customer service, such as:

  • Is This Organic?: Big, maximalist campaigns are out; small, niche, and natural campaigns are in. The best way to not only reach the consumer, but to also survive a potential recessionary period, will be to stress organic engagements within a marketing strategy.
  • Supporting Character Energy: While consumers will continue to demand brands act on social and political stances, they will also expect these identities to evolve. Rather than focusing solely on their own personality and values, brands will incorporate more of a customer-first mentality.

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