Backed by comprehensive consumer and market data and grounded with in-depth analysis and brand examples, discover how four emerging media trends are set to impact the telecom landscape in 2021.

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  • Wireless Comes Home
  • Carriers will rapidly expand fixed wireless availability, driving better residential connectivity to both remote and more densely populated areas, heightening competition for incumbent ISPs and accelerating satellite TV declines.

License and Entertainment, Please
A changing streaming landscape, paired with production delays caused by COVID-19, will drive greater experimentation with licensing, paywalls, and theatrical windows.

Multidimensional Engagement
Streaming media providers will embrace new collaborations that integrate storytelling across their platforms. They will work together to implement new in-platform features and second screen engagements that enable rich, multi-dimensional experiences, especially those that pertain to gaming and sports betting.

The Embedded Advantage
In 2021, hardware purchases are no longer complete without the subscription services that enhance their value. Service providers will look to new hardware integrations to capture larger audiences and greater engagement.

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