Learn how Telecom brands will need to demonstrate their value by focusing on their core products, helping consumers find the joy in smaller investments, and surprising customers through unique partnerships. This year’s trends are:

Big Little Lifestyles

With fewer opportunities for consumers to take big investment swings, brands will be highlighting the little joys they can bring to new customers’ day-to-day lifestyles to break through the clutter in the short term. Putting products and services into more tangible and cost-effective terms will show customers how small savings and greater convenience can make a big impact on someone’s life.

Go With What You Know

Telecom brands will need to demonstrate their long-term value by focusing on their core products while starting to step away from multi-product promotions. Improving networks and customer service will be key to showcasing how brands will continue to invest in what matters beyond any economic uncertainty.

Surprise Me

The perks landscape will evolve to bring cross-category products and experiences to customer communities craving something catered to their tastes. Unpredictable benefits can also jolt idle customers into trying something completely off their radar, making them feel valued in unexpected ways.

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