Backed by comprehensive marketing intelligence and consumer data and grounded with in-depth analysis and brand examples, discover how three emerging trends are set to impact insurance companies, marketers, and competitive omnichannel strategies in 2022:

Ecosystems Expanding: In the face of ongoing pandemic concerns like inflation, exponential increases in product offerings and choices, and limited out-of-home experiences, consumers will demand control via stability, simplified choices, and fresh entertainment experiences.

Brands as a Life Coach: Brands will see themselves as a resource now more than ever before and will position themselves as a consultant to help consumers as they make these important life decisions. This will manifest itself as educational marketing, transparency with products and costs, and life stage-specific products and marketing.

Beyond the Screen as We Know It: Brands will invest in campaigns and products that bring their products and engagements to new atmospheres. Real-life engagements will be seen as more novel and coveted, thus brands will create experiences and advertising campaigns that take consumers offline, while also testing new digital platforms, like the metaverse.

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