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Comperemedia Research Consultancy

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What is Comperemedia Research Consultancy?

An extension of our syndicated solutions, Comperemedia Research Consultancy is a dedicated team of expert researchers who deliver bespoke, precision thinking on all aspects of the two CIs: competitive intelligence and consumer insight.

From quant to qual, and back again

Utilizing a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative methodologies and the latest advanced analytic techniques, we scope clients’ needs to find innovative, actionable and commercially-effective answers. Smart, sensible, ready.

Going beyond the ‘what is’

Our approach will help you move past merely monitoring your marketplace. We can help you understand the need states, pain points, preferences, paths to purchase and drivers for your target audience. Our analysis, your performance.

Experts in research, experts in industry

Along with our expertise in the field of market research, we have the backing and knowledge of Comperemedia’s industry analysts. Meaning that no one else can deliver a more holistic, reasoned and actionable response. All our expertise, directed by you.

Typical projects and core capabilities

  • Quantitative Survey Research
  • Qualitative Focus Group Research
  • In-depth Interview (IDI)
  • Custom Panels
  • Adjusted Intention Metrics
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Brand Perception and Landscaping
  • Price Sensitivity Analysis
  • Correspondence Analysis
  • Mystery shopping
  • Ethnography
  • Central Location Testing (CLT) and Intercepts
  • Driver Analysis
  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Compliance & process auditing
  • Customer and Market Segmentation
  • Usage and Attitude Studies
  • Path to Purchase
  • TURF Analysis
  • In-Home Usage Tests (IHUTs)

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