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From demographics and risk score, to buy strategy and omnichannel flighting schedules, our solutions are the complete playbook on your competitors’ marketing strategy.


Comperemedia Direct


Comperemedia Direct is the complete and expert source of product-level data and insight in direct marketing. We monitor acquisition strategies, pricing, targeted offers and product introductions from our rolling and lifecycle panels in five channels for the US and Canada.
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What is Omni

Comperemedia Omni is a daily insight engine providing transparency in media strategy. Campaigns are collected at the product level from marketing in traditional and digital channels for critical omnichannel analysis. With all the benefits of Comperemedia Direct and added dashboard views of spend, frequency, volume, and more, it is integrated intelligence for integrated marketing.

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Comperemedia Research Consultancy


Objectives-driven researchers and thinkers. An extension of our syndicated solutions, Comperemedia Research Consultancy is a dedicated team of expert researchers who deliver bespoke, precision thinking on all aspects of the two CIs: competitive intelligence and consumer insight.

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