Because integrated marketing needs integrated intelligence.

Comperemedia Omni

What is Omni?

Comperemedia Omni is a daily insight engine providing transparency in media strategy. Campaigns are collected at the product level from marketing in traditional and digital channels for critical omnichannel analysis. With all the benefits of Comperemedia Direct and added dashboard views of spend, frequency, volume, and more, it is integrated intelligence for integrated marketing.

Comperemedia Omni

Big marketing data made useful

Comperemedia Omni’s proprietary approach to standardizing data gives you a single strategic view of all channels and core metrics that will help you make better decisions faster. Your need, our speed.

Comperemedia Omni

Brilliant ideas, brilliant people

Our experts break down campaign activity and strategy, putting data in context to reveal the white space, best practices and innovative campaigns. All distilled into actionable insights you can drop straight into your own executions. We keep digging, so you don’t have to.

Comperemedia Omni

More than a database

Comperemedia Omni’s automated dashboards, push alerts and search capabilities give you lightning-fast access to a vast set of data, all backed up by a world-class client service team. You want it? We’re already on it.

What you can do with it

We now have product-level spend and impression data as well as creatives for a wide range of channels including: paid, owned and earned social media, print, desktop and mobile display, desktop and mobile video, native advertising, SEM, podcasts and national TV.

Our team of expert analysts study the data and report on notable trends spanning creative strategy, product launches, funnel strategy, and innovation.

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