Do you know how your competitors are investing in Paid Social Media Marketing–and why? Comperemedia now has the capability to provide analysis on the priorities and shifts your competitors are making in the paid social realm.

In our latest collection of industry-leading whitepapers, we explore how recent marketing shifts upended typical playbooks as brands were forced to rethink channel strategy. Across the landscape brands are leveraging paid social to drive full-funnel marketing, address consumer targeting restrictions, and provide entry into the growing social commerce landscape.

While spend has increased year-over-year on each platform, Instagram is outpacing Facebook. This Y/Y trend points to a greater seismic shift for brands: The era of paid Facebook ads is on the decline in favor of the more malleable platform that Instagram provides.

Download our Paid Social marketing insights to learn more today:

Winning Strategies for Paid Instagram: Financial Services
Winning Strategies for Paid Instagram: Insurance
Winning Strategies for Paid Twitter: Financial Services
Winning Strategies for Paid Twitter: Insurance

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