[PRESS RELEASE] Comperemedia Announces 2024 Telecom and Media Marketing Trends

November 2nd, 2023 | Comperemedia News

Comperemedia has today announced three Telecom and Media Marketing Trends that are set to impact companies, brands, and marketers in 2024 and beyond. 

“The 2024 Telecom and Media Marketing Trends are rooted in competitive intelligence, industry expertise, and shifting consumer behaviors and are a result of in-depth conversations among competitive intelligence analysts. We consider recent developments in the industry, as well as consumer-reported behavior and attitudes, to forecast what will come in the year ahead,” stated John Poelking, Telecom and Media Research Manager, Comperemedia.

No Goliaths, Only Davids

No brand wants to be seen as the giant ruling the kingdom, so providers will work overtime to position themselves as the underdogs in a race to be the ultimate challenger. Smaller providers will continue to lower their barrier to entry as part of a never-ending war for the lowest intro price. Even larger brands will find ways to position themselves as true challengers to a system that they themselves helped to create, heightening an already competitive landscape to the point of increasingly granular nitpicks.

“With so many established and emerging plans aiming to position themselves as challengers, brands could start playing chicken with how low their prices are willing to go to attract the attention of potential customers. This highlights the larger consumer need to find a suitable alternative to the plans they may find to be increasingly inaccessible when it comes to cost. For telecom and media brands, transparency is key. If prices need to rise, be transparent. If prices can fall, ensure the offer isn’t too good to be true,” continued Poelking.

New to You

Older products and services are no longer outdated, as providers look to recontextualize archival content and service models to a new target audience. Nostalgia has historically been a safety blanket, but brands will step out from that blanket to position the familiar as something that can still be discovered. All of this can help brands bridge the tech chasm between providers and key consumer groups that are still learning about what new generations of tech can do for them.   

“Heading into an election year and facing economic uncertainty, consumers are worried about what’s to come. Tapping into the familiar is a tried-and-true way to deliver that comfort, but the nature of nostalgia will be changing. Consumers are tethering themselves to older content and tested service models in an effort to gain back some of that sense of control that they may have lost while facing some of that uncertainty. Still, a wholly recycled experience may not necessarily be as fulfilling as it once was. Content and service providers have elevated material from the past and repackaged it to soothe the masses, and will expand those relationships with the familiar to deliver a new twist on a classic,” continued Poelking.

Work with Me Here

In an effort to give new and current customers more control over their services, brands will lean into customizable plans that emphasize enhancing consumer experience. Plans will become easier to navigate while providers test out AI, third-party partnerships, tiered loyalty programs, and gamification to target more unique consumer groups directly and keep them engaged beyond onboarding. 

“Giving consumers choices has been at the forefront of telecom communications for years, but the language and products supporting it will be less about offering a variety of prepackaged goods, and more akin to Verizon’s myPlan, which makes it easy for current customers to add and take away perks and discounts that would be most relevant to them. Providers will go beyond improving technology that customers are familiar with, and work to educate them on ways that behind-the-scenes improvements are going to ultimately help create a new type of convenient experience powered by innovations they may not even think about,” concluded Poelking.

Comperemedia’s 2024 Telecom & Media Marketing Trends are available for download here. Clients can access the full content by logging in. Interviews with John Poelking, Telecom and Media Research Manager, are available on request from the Comperemedia press office.