Four holiday telecom trends from 2022 that will be regifted in 2023

November 8th, 2023 | John Poelking

While holiday shoppers in 2022 were looking to finish their shopping early in the season, the pendulum this year will likely swing back the other way as the focus shifts to deal hunting. Conscious consumers will be shopping throughout the season trying to figure out when and if they’re going to be able to treat others (or themselves) to new devices and services. 

Here are four trends from 2022 that telecom providers are likely to rewrap and use again this year.

1. Price lock

Long-term price guarantees that are exclusive to the holiday window will help spur interest in adding more services that will pay dividends beyond the holiday window.

During the 2022 holiday window, Verizon aggressively positioned a long-term price lock with a rotating series of perks throughout the season to keep potential switchers engaged. Hardware and lifestyle perks will likely continue to be used in tandem to drive customers to commitments that are set to pay off long after the initial perks lose their luster.

Source: Comperemedia Direct; Comperemedia Omni [11/01/22-12/31/22] as of 08/09/23

2. Complimentary upgrades

The gift of faster speeds will help deliver added value to current customers who might be looking for more of a reason to believe in their current provider.

Complimentary speed upgrades can help customers feel the warmth from their service provider during colder winter months. Midco and Altafiber leveraged improved services as a loyalty perk at no extra cost to the consumer when they’re already spending so much on gifts.

Source: Comperemedia Direct [11/01/22-12/31/22] as of 08/09/23

3. Multi-line deals

Devices make for easily packaged gifts, but discounts on family plans can benefit the whole household and open the doors to conversations surrounding a child’s first device. Family forward messaging, as seen in the below T-Mobile and Verizon ads, will help sell the entire household on discounts dedicated to customers who commit to more connections.

Source: Comperemedia Direct [11/01/22-12/31/22] as of 08/09/23

4. Product focus

Consumers will continue to look for fewer gifts to give, instead choosing to maximize the impact of one distinct product or service rather than having a series of less meaningful accessories.

One-third of adults have delayed upgrading devices until they go on sale as a result of inflation. The latest and greatest smartphone may not carry as much weight should consumers look to cut back on tech upgrades. Wireless providers will need to marry the need to splurge on oneself with the more selfless act of giving to make smartphone promotions stand out more clearly.

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What we think

Holiday messaging in 2023 will share many similarities with previous seasons, but lingering inflation concerns and an increasingly enticing perks landscape will make customer communications and retention a key area of focus for telecom brands. Providers will need to amplify their technology and emphasize limited-time offers that will pay off beyond the holiday window.

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John Poelking

John Poelking

John Poelking is Comperemedia's Associate Director - Tech, Media, and Telecom, providing omnichannel marketing analysis and competitive intelligence for syndicated and custom insights.