[PRESS RELEASE] Comperemedia Announces 2024 Omnichannel Marketing Trends

November 2nd, 2023 | Comperemedia News

Comperemedia has today announced three Omnichannel Marketing Trends that are set to impact companies, brands, and marketers in 2024 and beyond. 

“The 2024 Omnichannel Marketing Trends are rooted in competitive intelligence, industry expertise, and shifting consumer behaviors and are a result of in-depth conversations among competitive intelligence analysts. We consider recent developments in the industry, as well as consumer-reported behavior and attitudes, to forecast what will come in the year ahead. This year, many aspects of our trends were driven by key themes in 2023: economic uncertainty, the rise of new social media channels, and backlash to corporate social responsibility initiatives,” stated Nicole Bond, Associate Director of Marketing Strategy, Comperemedia and Kaitlin Ceckowski, Associate Director of Marketing Intelligence for Mintel Consulting.

Deja New

After years of marketing campaigns focused on hyper-targeting, promotions, and conversion, the pendulum will swing back in time. Digital natives and their predecessors are facing hyper-fatigue online and are looking for brands to refresh conversations by putting a modern twist on the pre-digital brand playbook. Consumer interest in pre-social media brand identity and affinity for nostalgic marketing tactics is skyrocketing, especially for consumers who didn’t experience this wave of marketing the first time around. 

“The US continues to face economic uncertainty, with no signs of financial reprieve in the year ahead. These compounding financial pressures combined with the social implications of the 2024 presidential election will allow brands to find success when providing a familiar sense of comfort across revamped marketing campaigns. Expect a focus on big branding moments such as the rebirth of mascots, vintage product collections, merchandising, and reimagined jingles,” continued Bond and Ceckowski.

Funnel Vision

The rise of multiple new media channels and an expansive digital landscape has changed the way consumers navigate their shopping journeys and how they make decisions—what used to be a linear process is now an intricate web of choices. To keep up with the ever-changing consumer behavior, brands will break free of the traditional marketing funnel and bring channels to life in new ways, through new methods. 

The marketing funnel as brands once knew it fails to maximize new-aged opportunities, which means brands will lead with revamped strategies in 2024. An individual channel will no longer serve an individual purpose, but instead, it must be able to operate as its own ecosystem while still supporting one cohesive identity.

“Consumers are navigating more media channels than ever before, which has impacted how they discover, research, and shop for new products and services. Brands must realign the intent of their marketing strategies throughout the entire consumer journey and also rethink their approach to individual channels to stay relevant and meet consumers at the right points throughout their decision-making processes. The opportunity exists for brands to connect with their core consumer in new and hyper-relevant ways if they lean into the change in consumer behavior and expectations,” continued Bond and Ceckowski.

Commit to the Bit

In an attempt to be everywhere to everyone all at once, brands have plastered media platforms with marketing efforts that lack purpose and fail to deliver intentional connections. Knowing consumers are feeling empowered to control their own media consumption, brands will be challenged to focus their own media presence. Expect brands to be more selective with channel choice, audience targeting, messaging, and CSR initiatives to meet consumers where and when it matters.

“Marketers and consumers are entering the year ahead with the need for tailored communications. Marketers are likely working to deliver results with slashed budgets, elevating the need for intentional spending. Consumers are over brands’ wishy-washy corporate social responsibility and DEI efforts—requiring brands to be diligent with their social commitments in 2024. The year ahead will leave brands that don’t settle into a strategy—whether that’s on a channel, for a specific audience, or addressing a particular social issue—on the outside looking in. Brands must look at 2024 as the year of intentional action all the way across the board to elevate their efforts,” concluded Bond and Ceckowski.

Comperemedia’s 2024 Omnichannel Marketing Trends are available for download here. Clients can access the full content by logging in. Interviews with Nicole Bond and Kaitlin Ceckowski are available on request from the Comperemedia press office.